Another Lost Cause || Jefferson & Nate


“Too much fun with what?” he asked, casting Nate his most innocent of looks.  Jefferson’s best ability was teleportation, but he couldn’t keep out of people’s heads if he tried.  He liked knowing their secrets, what made them tick and what buttons to avoid or push depending on the circumstances.  His guiltiest pleasure was mind reading while in bed.  Some called it cheating; Jeff called it using his talent.  He laughed as Nate called out to the girl.  “And you say I have too much fun?”

He caught the street sign as they crossed the road and made a note they were only one block away from Samuel.  Jeff was nervous.  No matter how many breakouts he helped bring in he always felt slightly nauseous before meeting a new Tomorrow Person.  What if Ultra caught them?  What if it was a trap?  The same doubts and questions filled his head and he ignored them as usual.  Hesitation got people killed.  Jeff knew better.

His stomach growled and he turned to Nate.  “Should’ve went for pizza.”  

The house was nothing like Jeff imagined it would.  The yellow paint had begun to peel on the sides and the front window didn’t have a screen.  They weren’t in a bad neighborhood, so why the dingy house?  A bad feeling wrapped around him so tightly he felt suffocated, but he didn’t want to retreat.  “Look alive,” he grumbled, walking up to the door like he owned the place. 

His brow rose at the man’s first question. He knew Jeff liked having fun with it, liked listening in, even when he really shouldn’t. That wasn’t exactly Nate’s things, but there were times when even he couldn’t help it. An accidental listen in happened on occasion, and sometimes the not so accidental. One thing he didn’t do was snoop around in someone’s mind, but he certainly listened in and paid attention when Jeff did it, just like he had now, and it caused Nate to lift his shoulders into a shrug as he chuckled.

His eyes scanned over the area as they walked, taking in anything and everything. They teleported in, possibly putting them on Ultra’s radar, but they did it far enough away from the house to where they should be okay. That’s why he did it, not just giving them the exercise from the bite to eat they would get. A little walking space between the mark they came in at and the one they were heading to never hurt anyone.

The talk of pizza before made him hungry, even more of it made it worse as he reached out and patted Jeff on the back once and gave him a nod. “After. We can even get some for the new guy.”

That was as long as things went well, but they would, he was sure of it. Except the house didn’t seem to be a good sign, not in the slightest. “Jeff,” As the other man walked up the stairs, he looked over the front of the house. The peeling and chipped paint, the mess of the place, the lack of noise he heard. He squinted his eyes as he turned to look around at the street. A car drove by, nothing out of the ordinary. The street itself seemed fine, the neighborhood seemed normal enough, but the house seemed out of place as he turned to look back up at it. Following in his leaders footsteps – quite literally – he walked up the stairs and kept his eyes on the door before looking over at a window and trying to get a glance inside.

5 days ago WITH 16 notes


She sat up a little straighter as her eyes glanced over at him again, the eye roll she caught making her fold her arms over her chest with a look as if she were about to chastise him like a mother with her rambunctious whining teenager. But ‘don’t you roll your eyes at me young man’ came out as: “it’s not torture, it’s teaching them how to survive. They sort of need that. But fine, we’ll go out for fresh air and pizza and bowling, or whatever.”

She might not have been the one most known for her humor, except around a select few, and she might not have been the one most known for her relaxed and laid back attitude (she shared that trait with their dear captain, in some ways), but egg her on enough, and she was incredibly well known around the Batcave for her insatiable need to meet a challenge and prove competition wrong. The new breakouts knew that all too well, if they didn’t end up learning it soon enough. They stopped questioning her skills or her guidance after that. But he wasn’t a breakout, not anymore, and they’d known each other long enough for him to know just how to push her buttons. Maybe a little too well. He always managed to get into her head that way. And she was not about to be compared to her uptight leader the next time she said no to the man beside her. She had a feeling it was coming.

Standing up, she dusted off the invisible dirt from her jeans before glancing one more time at Jeff’s closed ‘office’ door. “I can be very persuasive when I want to, Nate,” she said before returning her gaze down to him still on the couch. “Plus, who knows, if we put our talents together, we might be able to come up with something. If anything, you’ll just pun hard enough at him to get him to teleport out of here,” she added with a slow spreading grin.


If anyone needed to survive, it was them. The amount of times their kind got snatched up by Ultra was a number they had lost count of long ago, long before they even found and brought him back to the Batcave. Most newer breakouts were lost, unsure of what was going on with them. Some just thought they were going crazy with no way of coming back from it. Wake up in someone else’s bed, hear things that couldn’t be explained, accidentally move things without lifting a finger. They would be lost without the training. He might mess with her about it, tell her she pushed them too hard, but she really pushed just hard enough. It was only torture when she had fun with it. “They also need food in order to survive, which makes me think bringing back a pizza or two wouldn’t actually be a bad idea.”

Did he want to get out, get a break and fresh air, maybe a little fun? Sure. They could all use it, but they couldn’t all go out at once, not with a certain organization looking to find them in a large group and do whatever they wanted with them. It was a risk to even leave their comfort zone of a home, and even more risky when they used their abilities. Sometimes they couldn’t help it, sometimes they need to use one or another, and other times they just wanted to. Teleporting was the easiest way of getting around, but it was also the most dangerous. You do it and you risk getting caught on the radar you definitely did not want to get caught on. That was why the newer breakouts stayed back at the Batcave while the others – the ones who had been around longer – went out to do and get what they needed. Don’t risk someone who still teleports in their sleep when it’ll only end up getting them all caught. So they needed to train, needed to learn, needed to survive, and still needed a break when they could get it.

Maybe one day soon they would all get it, even the younger and newer ones would get the chance to take a breath of fresh air and feel the sun. They weren’t locked up down there, but they had to make do with what they got. “You can also be terrifying when you want, but I like to avoid that side of you.” The corner of his lips lifted into a grin as he pushed himself to stand up and stretch a little before turning to look at the same door she had looked at. Their great leader, locking himself away again. That guy needed a break more than the rest of them. “I know you probably didn’t mean that in a good way,” Turning to look back at her, he continued on with another grin. “But I’ll accept that as a compliment. If I can pun someone out of the room, it’s been a good day.” And if they could just get their captain out for a minute or two – an hour or two would be nice, but there was no need to push it – it would be an even better day. “We don’t even know if he’s alive in there, or even in there. You know, he probably makes us believe he’s sulking in there, when in fact he’s actually out having a blast.”

Another Lost Cause || Jefferson & Nate


“We’re gonna scare him,” Jeff said, laughing as he smiled.  It felt good to laugh and even better to smile, especially around Nate.  Nate was probably the only person Jeff was completely himself around.  He hid things for J.D. and although he called Rhea his best friend, his feelings for her were sometimes overwhelming so he held his tongue.  Nate was his buddy, his bro.  Aside from his brother (who liked to pop in and out of his life) Jeff never really had a male friend.  Nate was certainly one of a kind.  

Jeff closed his eyes and waited for the transport to be over.  Without fail his stomach jumped every time someone else teleported him, like he was in a plane experiencing turbulence.  He never understood why his stomach didn’t lurch when he teleported somewhere, but assumed it was another downfall of their powers.  “I’m sorry did you say something about me going down on a pizza?”  He was a good leader, some might even call him a great one, but that didn’t change the fact his mind was constantly in the gutter.  “’Cause that can be arranged.”  Food sounded good; talking to Samuel Carver sounded better.  “After we gay it up of course.”  He reached out to give Nate a love tap in the chest before walking off, winking back at him. 

Jefferson passed a group of loud teenage girls on the sidewalk and decided to turn on his telepathy.  “Looks like Tommy’s cheating again,” he said, glancing over to Nate.  “I don’t know why she’s still with him.  After all, she broke girl code to date him.”  Jeff left their minds quickly, not wanting them to overhear his reenactment of their thoughts.  He knew it was a breach of privacy, but mind reading was his biggest guilty pleasure.

If Jeff wasn’t the most typical mind-in-the-gutter guy, Nate didn’t know who was. At this point he had gotten used to it, and wasn’t even surprised to hear the jokes when they got thrown out. It was all too common, but it was still kind of rare when other people were around. Nate noticed that about they other guy, noticed he seemed a little more open when they were alone and weren’t surrounded by a ton of people back in the Batcave. It wasn’t bad, actually kind of made him feel good about himself, knowing their captain and his friend felt comfortable enough to throw out the jokes or just be himself completely.

He shook his head as a breathy laugh came from him. More typical nature from the guy as they walked by the teenage girls. If he had a guilty pleasure, he would probably say it was telekinesis, but even then it never reached the level of Jeff and reading minds. Oh the things he found out when they went to get a new breakout, just walking around, getting wrapped up in other people’s minds with ease. Nate understood it.

“I think you have a little too much fun with that,” Turning his head, he glanced over at Jeff for a second before throwing his voice behind them, knowing the teenage girls weren’t too far away yet. “Trust me, honey, you’re better off without him.” His shoulders lifted into a shrug as they kept walking, another light laugh passing his lips as they rounded a corner and he looked over at Jeff, seeing the look on his friends face. “Well she does.”


In return for his efforts, all he got was a look and a shake of her head, a partial smile gracing her lips before she straightened out on the couch. She knew it though. How important humor was to people like them. Down here, sometimes it was the only thing they had when things turned for the worst, and though she might not ever say it, he was good for that. For them. Though he’d probably hear her think it if he was to go searching about her mind. Which he knew she hated, so he barely every did.

"I thought you were already doing that. Every day. All the time. 24/7. Don’t tell me you need someone to hold your hand through that now too."


"And honestly, I’m not the worst of us, or the one who needs it the most," she added, nodding over to their fearless leader’s closed office door, probably brooding about yet another mistake or other. There was always something to mull over for him. Both of them knew that well. "Misdirected charity, hon." 

Everyone knew who really needed the break yet still would never take one around here, even the new breakouts who were only a few days in to their new life underground. And she was okay. She didn’t have the ever growing itch to run and go give the sunlight a much needed visit, and she didn’t let the mountain worth of stress filing their home get to her. Not like other people. She didn’t show it at least, as best she could. God only knew how much they needed the least stress possible around here, and adding to the bubble wouldn’t do anyone any good.

A slightly uncommon eye roll came from him as he turned his head to look forward instead of looking at her. Every single one of them needed that break at one point or another. Even if it was nothing, barely lasted a minute or two before they went back to what they always did, it was still better than nothing. She knew it, he knew it, they all knew it.

"Yes, this is so much fun. Sitting here, watching you torture the new breakouts. I don’t know why I would want anything like fresh air or a pizza or bowling."

Bowling was a little random, but people had fun with that, didn’t they? Either way, it was something to get them out and feel normal, feel less pressured. Normal was something they weren’t, never really had been. They didn’t get the easy things in life, any real sense of normalcy when there was basically nothing too normal about any of them. No, that wasn’t entirely true. They were Tomorrow People, but they were still just people. Sometimes he rode the thin line on that one.

"If you think you can ever get the great one out of there and out of here— be my guest," It would only be slightly impossible and pointless to try when he locked himself away like he did. "I don’t think it’s very likely, but we could spend forever trying if that’s how you want to spend your time."

How did he want to spend his time? He thought as he leaned his head back against the couch again. A little fresh air could do any of them good, that was a proven fact. Get held up down there too long and anyone would start to lose it. That and a little change of scenery for a few minutes never hurt.


"Always," she said with a grinning reply, fully intent on teasing the other man as per usual.


She wasn’t about to be one upped by the joker after all. Maybe she wasn’t known to be fun, and most people doubted she was, but she could joke with the best of them when the opportunity came along. With a lucky few. It wasn’t a side that most people got to see, unless they got close to her, and most people weren’t given the chance to get close to her at all. 

Most people didn’t get to see her relax. Even if she could. As much as she chided Jeff on worrying too much, she was almost just as bad. Maybe just not on the little things. She could let the small things slide with ease, but the big things, being refugees in their own country, hunted down by people that wanted to experiment on them or worse, ULTRA, staying alive, it never quite went away enough to call whatever she did in her downtime a break.

"Plus, I doubt that Jeff would really appreciate the opportunity to pop another brain aneurysm if he found out where we were off to." God only knew just how stressed out the dear captain was already.

Acting as if he was hurt, he forced his face to twist in pain as his hand reached up to rest atop his heart. Not many could throw a joke back in his face or tease him quite a quickly, but she could.

Any one of them could be serious when the time called for it, make a joke and laugh when the time was right, though the last part was rare. They could relax and crack jokes when they weren’t be hunted by people who were out to take their powers or worse, end them completely if given the chance. Some of the newer breakouts didn’t know any better, not until they got to see what happened when they joked at the wrong time. Over time they saw, some witnessing first hand what it was like and seeing how little fun it could be.

It was a shame. They had to grow up fast, run and hide to keep themselves safe when they weren’t the bad guys, definitely not the worst people out in the world, but that didn’t matter to Ultra. They were the group that hunted, took what they wanted, ran tests and did research on a person – most of the time without consent – and even left them for dead. Ultra did what they wanted, keeping most of the Tomorrow People from having and enjoying down time.

"And we wouldn’t want that," Everyone stressed out, but no one more than their great leader. "But someone needs to stop and enjoy the moment." Someone meaning all of them.

Another Lost Cause || Jefferson & Nate


“Thanks, Nate,” he said, an imperceptible smile appearing across his thin lips.  He vaguely remembered the first day they met.  Nothing much had changed since then, aside from Nate learning control.  That’s what Jeff loved about the Batcave.  It was a home, a sanctuary, a safe place for others to grow and explore their new gifts.  He wanted to keep everyone sheltered, protected, but he wasn’t an idiot.  He knew most, if not all, the tomorrow people – especially the young ones – wanted to go out and test their powers.  That’s why he had Rhea, J.D., and Nate, to help chaperon trips topside.  He didn’t want anyone feeling caged.  He didn’t want the Batcave being compared to Ultra’s prison.

“TIM get me the address,” he ordered, quickly rushing to his desk and flipping through some scattered papers. 

“One fifty-three Oak Field Street,” the machine replied.  “I recommend telling—”

“TIM, power down.  We’re only gonna talk to him,” he said, glancing up at Nate as he continued rifling.  “Don’t want to scare him off.  Two dudes showing up to ask him about being naked.  Kinda gay.”  He chuckled and grabbed a menu for the pizza place down the road, in case at some point they wanted to grab a slice.  “Want to do the honors?”

The thanks wasn’t needed, not even in the slightest bit. When it came down to it, Nate would have done anything for the Tomorrow People, even more so for the three who had been with him from when he first started calling the Batcave his home. Truth be told, he probably would have jumped off a bridge if they asked, but that would have just been for fun or for the hell of it. But this? It was nothing. The idea of just the two of them going out, him getting Jeff out and hopefully getting his mind off of the last breakout by maybe bringing in this one. That was more than enough. He knew it would only do so much to help when they still lost someone they could have saved, but it was something and that was better than nothing.

One fifty-three Oak Field Street. He nodded his head at the machine before turning to Jeff again, a smirk tugging at his lips. “’We hear you’ve been waking up naked in someone’s bed that isn’t yours’,” A similar chuckle passed his lips. “Nothing gay about that. But it is a little weird.” Definitely weird. If he was in the guy’s shoes and that happened to him, he wasn’t sure what he would have done. It was enough when a woman came to him, talking about abilities that any normal person shouldn’t have. The naked bit would have done it for him.

He repeated the address in his head, thinking for a short moment before his hand reached out to clasp Jeff on the back. In nearly a blink of the eye, they went from the Batcave to an alley about a block from the address. A dead end alley with them facing the only entrance, no one seeing them showing up out of thin air. His hand falling back to his side, he began walking the only way they could. “About a block to the left,” He turned to look over his shoulder. “I would have gotten us closer but I figured you could use the exercise if you’re going to down a whole pizza.”


Fun wasn’t really a word that got associated with her. She wasn’t the easy going, ‘do-what-you-want’ person, and anyone who looked for that with her soon found that their efforts were going to be wasted. Break wasn’t a word that most people put to her face either. Unless it was closely followed with ‘bones’ or ‘back’. She couldn’t afford that kind of life. The relaxed, easy going one. None of them could, and the most they ever got to see of real sunlight was when they scuttled out of the Batcave, only to scuttle back in with (hopefully) another breakout in tow. The word break, or party, wasn’t allowed to be in their dictionary. 

Except it still managed to stick in his.

Watching the group of young breakouts stand up and clear the space they had been taking up for their lesson (the last thing she had ever thought she’d be doing with her life was certainly that, teaching, Xavier’s School for Mutated Teens style), she only glanced at him as he flopped down on the couch.

"And I say in retrospect that’s going to seem like a horrible idea because I’m pretty sure we don’t have the same place in mind," she said as she turned to face him too.


Everyone needed some sort of way to relax and have a good time. A good time didn’t mean fun, it could mean anything at all. Literally doing nothing could be a good time to someone. Sitting down, lying back, floating in mid air, anything at all. Too many people got themselves stuffed by not relaxing, not enjoying the little things. Those were hardly things any of them could have, unless it was on a rarest of occasions and then most of them still didn’t get the chance to grasp it, only catching those little things at the very last moment before they slipped away.

Hearing the young breakouts walk off, only seeing some of them out of the corner of his eyes, he thought even they could use a break. He was one of the very few that thought it, hardly ever thought by the woman to his side, keeping an eye on them as they finished up their lesson. She just kept on pushing them. They needed a good pushing, needed to push themselves, needed to be ready, also needed a moment to live.

"Which is why we think of the same place," He pushed himself to sit up, looked around the space before looking back at her. "Unless you’re thinking about going to different places. You trying to get away from me, J.D?"

Another Lost Cause || Jefferson & Nate


Jeff’s cheeks flushed red as Nate spoke.  “Well I’ve heard of a few.”  When a breakout’s powers started most of them experienced teleportation in their sleep, but every tomorrow person was different.  Some could move small objects, like playing cards or a pencil without thinking; others heard random voices in their head and thought they needed medical help.  Jeff went through all three, almost at same time.   His powers didn’t develop separately, they hit him like a freight train and he went through a week of accidentally being somewhere one second and somewhere else the next.  He thought about joining a freak show when Rhea approached him talking about her new abilities.  Together they learned how to control them.

“It’s almost sunset,” Jefferson said, glancing between Nate and the screen.  He hadn’t expected the man to be so gung-ho about a new breakout.  It almost made him smile.  “We don’t have to wait, just don’t tell the others.”  He didn’t want to disturb Rhea or JD.  They off doing god knows what but the last thing Jeff wanted was them commenting on his failure.  “Just you and me, what do ya think?”  With the way Nate had asked about waiting, Jeff hoped he would say yes.  A little male bonding sounded like the best way to relieve some stress.  He briefly wondered if Rhea would be upset with him for going off without her, but pushed the thought away and extended his hand towards Nate, signaling to shake on it.  If the breakout didn’t come home with them no one would even know they went out.  They didn’t have anything to lose, unless of course, Ultra got their first.

While some teleported in their sleep, and that seemed to be the known thing, others had the mixed effect. Two of the three ‘T’s thrown together, sometimes even all three of them. His was pretty solid from the start, teleporting in his sleep, waking up in someone else’s house, someone else’s bed. Some people thought sleepwalking was their problem, not being able to stay put in their sleep, but that wasn’t the case for him. Nate had never walked in his sleep a day in his life, so he didn’t even think about it at start. That’s why it was a little extra confusing, he didn’t know what to think of it, not until J.D. found and brought him in. Everything started to fall into place after that.

Raising a brow as he looked out of the corner of his eye at the other man, he was a little surprised. Not that he didn’t want to go out, find the new breakout and hopefully bring them back, because he did, especially now when Jeff was sulking so much from losing a breakout and he was lost in his own thoughts about it. It was just a bit of a surprise, even more so because it would just be the two of them. Maybe that’s what they both needed, a chance to bring someone in by themselves, and just a chance to get out together, just them. “I think,” Looking down at the extended hand, a smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he shook his head, but didn’t think twice before grabbing the hand and shaking. “You’ve got yourself a deal. No one else needs to know.” They didn’t, they wouldn’t, unless the two came back with a third.

Where was the break? Where was the timeout in this life? The pause button seemed to have gotten left behind in a world each of them left in another life. They rarely got the breaks, instead getting the chance to run after a new breakout while being chased by Ultra. Who was complaining? He wasn’t. If he got the chance to save someone like himself from the enemy, it was a good day. But a little break, some kind of fun, that wasn’t too much to ask. Was it?

Maybe it was, and maybe that’s why they rarely ever asked for it, but they all still thought about it. All the time.

“I say we just close our eyes and end up anywhere else.” Plopping down on the couch in the middle of the batcave, he leaned his head back against it and turned to look at her.

Another Lost Cause || Jefferson & Nate


Jefferson’s gaze sank to the ground as Nate told him to drop it.  “What do you want, Nate?” he asked, voice cracking as he gripped the knob tighter.  This time, he shut the door, too scared to leave the office and look his fellow tomorrow people in the eyes.  He knew no one specifically blamed him for the failed mission, but he blamed himself, wishing he would’ve moved faster.  Being a leader of any sort was difficult and there was time when Jefferson thought he was good at it, but as the months flew away and Ultra grew in power, he wasn’t sure he was qualified anymore.  “Thanks for the vote of confidence.  Come here to kick me when I’m down or what?”  He crossed his arms over his chest, defensive and already on edge. 

“TIM, pull up the file on Samuel Carver,” he ordered, leaning against the front of his desk.  “New break out.  Woke up in his neighbor’s house naked.  Sound familiar?”  The fastest way to get over losing someone to Ultra was to shut off his emotions – he’d mastered that by now – and move on to the next person.  The more people he saved the better he felt, he didn’t have time for fun and games.  He knew there was talk around the Batcave of an upcoming pool party.  He wasn’t against it, so long as everyone adhered to the rules.  “He’s only a few block away.  We could get him tonight.”

All he could do was watch their leader, his friend, the guy he trusted as much as he could trust anyone, and only wish he could do something to help. It was a hopeless thought because he couldn’t. There was nothing he or anyone else could do. Once they got into this position, this feeling of being stuck by a loss they couldn’t shake, all anyone could do was wait and let it pass. Either that or force on something else, some other feeling. Just push their thoughts to the side and move on from it because sometimes that was what they all did best. There was nothing anyone could do after losing a breakout, not unless they wanted to do something stupid and get their own powers taken. “I’ve got more than enough confidence in you. We both know that.” It was hard and Jeff took things harder than anyone else, but he knew the guy was meant to lead. There was no doubt about it.

Turning back to face the screen, he squinted his eyes and let them adjust to the file and images that TIM showed them both. A smile crept on his face as he kept his eyes on the screen. “I never woke up in anyone’s house naked,” Thinking for a moment, he crossed his arms over his chest. “Maybe once.” Taking a few steps back towards the desk, he leaned against the side of it, his eyes still looking over the file. This was another chance, one for them to not slip up on. “Why wait until tonight?” Turning his head, he could hear the words before Jeff spoke them. “I know it’s better to go when it’s dark out, less worry when people can’t see us. Do you really think Ultra cares about that though? They’re sneaky and they go out during the daytime, they just makes sure they don’t get caught.”